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Sesco Industries is a leading distributor and custom manufacturer of machine screws. We proudly have a worldwide network of ISO certified & DFAR compliant manufacturers that ensure you receive the quality and price you expect. Buyers commonly use our machine screws in commercial, industrial, aerospace and military grade applications.

The machine screws we manufacture are available in any length up to 3" and diameter up to 1/4-20. These screws come in various materials, which includes stainless steel, steel, brass, and aluminum. We also have other materials available on request. So please, do not hesitate to reach out and learn more about the machine screws we manufacture, as well as the screw machined products available. The machine screws we manufacture and distribute are available with various head types, and either Phillips or Slotted drives to meet your requirements.

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Get machine screws that are perfect for your applications. Custom manufacturing is available when you reach out. The number for our office is (718) 939-1900. When you call, we can go over the exact specifications you need. We distribute screws to customers across the United States.

What Are Machine Screws?

Not all screws are the same. Machine screws feature a unique design that distinguishes them from other common types of screws. The most common use for machine screws are for electrical applications. These parts have threading on the whole shaft. These screws can be inserted into tapped holes or applied with nuts. And in accordance with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standards, the machine screw diameter is up to .75 inches. Another part that has threading along the shaft is the tap bolt. Let's take a deeper dive into these screws, learn the basics about them and some important advantages when you use them. Screw machine parts and products are prevalent throughout the aerospace industry with different processes working towards creating them.

The Basics

When you think of a fastener, you think screws that feature helical ridges. You know, the exterior threading that allows the screw to dig into workpieces and objects and creating a secure hold between two or more objects. However, not all screws are the same and machine screws feature a unique design and have a unique size that makes them different from other screws out there in the aerospace industry.

The ASME defines machine screws as featuring a diameter of up to 0.75 inches. However, these screws can be smaller than 0.75 inches in diameter. But they cannot be larger than this size. Due to this, machine screws are generally smaller than most other types of screws.

On top of having a diameter of 0.75 inches or less, machine screws have a uniform threading. When it comes to screws, they either have a uniform or tapered threading. When the screw has a uniform threading, the exterior threading remains the same size from the top of the screw down to the bottom. If the screw had a tapered threading, then the threading would expand toward the bottom.


When it comes to use in the aerospace or military industry, there is often a preference to the machine screws over any larger screws. Since they are smaller in size, they offer a wider range of applications. You can use machine screws to join countless types of products, objects and surfaces.

Another key advantage is the fact that you can get machine screws in different materials. A popular material used in the construction of machine screws is stainless steel. This is due to its strength and durability. On top of that, stainless steel also offers a high level of protection against rust and corrosion. Aluminum is also a commonly used material in the construction of these screws. It also offers great protection against rust and corrosion. And though they are not as strong as a stainless steel screw, they are lighter. So if there is an application where weight is a factor, then opting for aluminum screws is the way to go.

Use these screws for various applications, such as aerospace plating and joining two or more objects together. Learn more about custom fasteners and the various benefits you get from them.