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At Sesco Industries, we offer clients a wide range of services, which includes dependable and reliable aerospace plating. An important aspect for many in the field. The aerospace industry in general is a crucial element to the economy of the United States of America. So it is important that aerospace plating continues to thrive and employ hundreds of thousands of workers. And not only that, but the rest of the world depends on aerospace products that are manufactured in the US. Reliability is critical in any aerospace manufacturing process, since so many different facets rely on it.

Most of the aerospace industry is focused on the production and manufacturing of aircraft. Which means that it is of the utmost importance that the manufacturing process is trusted. Aircraft parts and components must be reliable. Because an unreliable part could lead to a major disaster.

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This is why there are standards, and high ones at that, that the aerospace products must meet in order to be used on any aircraft. In fact, all global aerospace manufacturers and suppliers must comply with these strict systems. Otherwise those companies run the risk of putting people in dangerous situations.

The Use of Titanium in Aerospace Manufacturing

Titanium and titanium alloys is often the go-to metal for most modern aerospace products. This is due to the fact that it offers a great combination of light weight, high strength and low density. These are all factors perfect for any flight applications. Titanium is used for both aircraft in the US military, as well as commercial planes. So you can find large amounts of titanium on an F-22 fighter jet and a Boeing. This is why the parts are so vital. All sectors of aircraft utilize the products and materials.

In general, titanium might be the most common metal used for metal plating. But there are a few different processes and applications for metal plating in the aerospace industry. Metal plating is an important aspect to understand in the manufacturing of aerospace parts and components. For the most part, the metal plating is what gives the part its strength and durability and its ability to withstand tough conditions.

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Sesco Industries is proud to offer and aid in aerospace plating services. Metal plating in general is very important to the aerospace industry and offers many great benefits. Some of these benefits include enhancing the protection against corrosion, improving the overall strength of the metal substrate, increasing the resistance against high temperatures, and extending the lifespan of the part.

For more information about our aerospace plating services, please reach out today. When you do, we can provide you with more details and information about all that we offer. We proudly offer dependable custom manufacturing of fasteners. So you can get what you need, exactly how you need it. And all up to proper specifications. From machine screws to socket set screws, get the best in the aerospace and military industries when you turn to Sesco!