About Screw Machine Parts & Products

Screw machine products are components that have been formed by a turning process from bar stock. Many use a screw machine to produce similar components with unique designs, which includes small, details parts and long slender pieces. These parts are commonly used to produce nozzles, fasteners, shafts, connectors and other similar products. A screw machine is an ecumenical alternative to traditional production methods. The expert use of these parts allows for a more cost-effective production. Many use automated systems to reduce labor costs, increase throughput speed, and improve quality control.

Due to the nature of the design of a screw machine, they can produce more parts per hour than most other CNC machining processes. What this does is allow for higher efficiency and lower production costs compared to the more traditional manual machine tools. When used properly, screw machines offer a convenient and economical way to produce precision parts quickly and accurately. There are many sizes available, which means they can easily accommodate many different projects and applications.

What Are Screw Machined Parts & Products

Screw machined parts are complex pieces that normally are cylindrical and threaded. And a screw machined product is a family of automatic lathes for small to medium-sized components. Screw machines produce various products, such as screws, bolts, fittings, rivets, pins and fasteners.

What is a Screw Machine?

A screw machine is a term to describe any specialized, non-manual, metalworking lathe. A screw machine can create parts at high speeds and can have multiple spindles. The most common design for a spindle is a six-spindle machine. Here, each spindle contains the same material and they turn simultaneously. The creation of screw machine parts come from a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, steel, and aluminum.

The agricultural, medical, electronic, automotive and leisure industries all rely on screw machine products. Multiple spindles are used by multi-spindle screw machines in order to create items with precise tolerances. Parts may now be produced by these machines more quickly and at more cost-effective means. All saving the resources for the manufacturers and ultimately lowering the end price.

About Screw Machine Products

The term "screw machine" is a misleading representation of the actions of the products, since they do not actually create screws anymore or screw anything into place. Instead, a screw machine product is a class of automatic lathes for small to medium sized parts. They spin on a rotating lathe, which essentially shaves metal down to a desired size. The screw machine functions with a disc cam. A disc cam is a rotating piece that is used to transform rotary motion into linear motion, or vice versa by using a single spindle or multiple spindles. Since a screw operates with close spindle collets, deflected debris is reduced to minimal or none at all.

Screw Machine Manufacturing Capabilities

A majority of the work done by screw machines are for bar work. The entire bar stock is passed through and turns with the spindle and is then separated from the part and fed forward, which makes the screw machine ready for the next part. In general, screw machines are more time efficient than a CNC due to the tightness of the collets, workpiece and tooling.

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