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Special set screws are part of the custom specialty fasteners available when you turn to Sesco Industries for your aerospace parts. We call them special because you can easily customize them. So you get what you want when you order. This customization process makes ordering screws simple. There are many applications where you need special set screws to get the job done. Ones that can withstand difficult environmental circumstances and remain durable. Get the industry standards when you turn to Sesco Industries. We work with many within the aerospace and military industry.

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We have a wide variety of fasteners and aerospace parts that are useful for many applications. Please send any inquiries about our selection of aerospace parts and fasteners to info@sescoindustries.com. You can also call our office at 718-939-1900. When you reach out, we can provide you with a free quote for any special set screws in our inventory. You can also check out our aerospace parts division at Famsales for more set screws and other parts that are used within the aerospace industry. From the very popular AN565 set screws series to many other types of custom fasteners and parts. Get them when you turn to Sesco!

Custom Special Set Screws

Many in the aerospace industry rely on socket set screws. These items are integral for many applications. But what exactly are set screws and how do they work? Well, these are typically screws with a head that can be threaded. There is a blind set screw, which is almost always driven with an internal-wrenching drive. These drives include a hex socket (Allen), star (Torx), square socket (Robertson), or slot. The set screws pass through a threaded hole in the outer object. Then tighten against the inner object to prevent it from moving relative to the outer object. In a nutshell, these screws offer a little more security for the user.

Set Screws SpecialOne example of applying a set screw is when you screw it into a pulley hub and its endpoint bears firmly against the shaft. The fastening action is by friction between the screw and the shaft, often with some amount of elastic or plastic deformation of one or both. This is also a great example of the durability of this type of screw.

How To Determine Set Screw Size

When choosing the size of a special set screw, it is smart to consider the holding power the set screw clamping force provides during its use. And the point penetration provides some additional resistance to rotation. So, as a general rule of thumb, the holding power is defined as the tangential force in pounds. The design considerations will result in different sizes of shafts being used with a certain set screw size.

When it comes to the decision, you will choose the special set screw based on the diameter of the screw. This diameter should be equal to about one-half of the shaft diameter. However, always check the manufacturer's data on the screw to confirm.

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