Hex Socket Set Screws

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Hexagon socket set screws, or hex socket set screws, are one of the many important aerospace parts we supply. Hex socket set screws are threaded fasteners without a head that have a hexagon socket drive recessed into the body of the screw. Hex socket set screws are used to bind two objects together by threading into one object and exerting pressure on the other object. An example includes using as a shaft collar or gear onto a drive shaft.

Types of Hex Socket Set Screws

There are a few different types of hex socket set screws. These socket set screws include:

  • Cup Point Socket Set Screws: have concave hollowed ends and are the most commonly used point style. A large reason why it is so popular is that it leaves a ring destination mark.
  • Flat Point Socket Set Screws: These screws cause little damage to the shaft, which makes it the perfect hex socket set screw when you need to make frequent adjustments. That is because the flat points will align against ground flats, which makes it perfect to use against a thin wall or soft material.
  • Cone Point Socket Set Screws: These hex socket set screws generate the highest torsional holding power of any type of screw. When you want to create a permanent connection, you use a cone point socket set screw. Use it as an adjuster or a pivot point, too.
  • Dog Point Socket Set Screws: This is a flat end screw that has its threads stop short of the end. With the end fitting perfectly into a circular locating hole that ensures exact alignment.

These all fall under the hexagon family of socket set screws. Get the exact type of socket set screws you need from Sesco Industries.

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