AN565 Series Set Screws

Sesco is a Leading Distributor of AN Fasteners

Sesco Industries is a leader in aerospace fasteners and sells the popular AN565 series set screws. The AN565 series, which also goes by the name of NASM565, is a series of headless hex and fluted socket set screws. In general, socket set screws are available in regular cap screw and flat and button types. These screws are used in many different industries and for many different applications. Some of the applications include military, defense, aerospace, mechanical, mass transit and power generation. The AN565 are generally alloy or stainless steel but can be provided in other materials too. For the most part, socket set screws are generally of higher precision, since the thread tolerances are more stringent.

Socket set screws come in many different sizes and will meet many different aerospace and military standards. The AN565 is one of the leading socket set screws available on the market and offers the user a whole host of benefits. Request a quote for these or any of the other fasteners available.

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AN565 Set Screws Make a Difference

It is made of high-quality steel for extra strength and durability. Their manufacturing and design allow these set screws to deliver maximum holding pressure. In general, these set screws are easy to use and the shape of the hole in the screw is noted in the description. Since these screws are hexagonal, they can be operated using a standard Allen wrench. Which makes them more accessible across various industries.

In general, AN565 series set screws are typically used to bind parts onto shafts. And they are available in cup or cone point styles. They are also available in various thread sizes and lengths in inches. And they can be sold in pieces. There are many different types of set screws that fall under the AN565 umbrella, but all are made to meet aerospace standards and specifications. Get set screws with different diameters that will meet different applications. So, you can buy in confidence when you go through Sesco Industries.

What Does It Mean To Be AN Certified?

The name "AN" stands for Army/Navy and is an indicator that the nuts are made to very specific standards that stand up to the toughest jobs without faltering or breaking apart. AN fasteners are the industry standard for aircraft use and are made to military specifications. The manufacturing of AN fasteners follow specific design standards that make them perfect for use in the harsh and challenging environments found in military and aerospace applications. Fasteners are a crucial element for many applications for use as impermanent mechanical joints between objects.

As for the history of the AN certification, the AN standard was developed as a means to standardize equipment during World War 2. AN certification mostly fell out of use in the decades since with many of the AN standards being replaced by the more modern Mil-Spec. However, a variety of bolts and other fasteners are still produced to AN standard, such as the commonly used AN565 series set screws.