NAS Bolts for Sale

What Are NAS Bolts?

NAS bolts are bolts that effectively comply with the National Aerospace Standard and we have these bolts for sale for those within the aerospace industry. These bolts are commonly used for high technology systems and are necessary for many high strength applications in the aerospace industry. These NAS bolts consist of a fine-threaded, dimple headed hex bolt. Material markings for the NAS bolts we have for sale are essentially the same as an AN bolt. However, these NAS bolts may be raised or recessed.

The standards for which these bolts comply with undergo regular updates and revisions to make sure that these NAS bolts for sale offer a dependable degree of performance and reliability. Initially, these bolts were designed to tolerate the difficult stresses and harsh environmental conditions of air and space flight. Now, they are used beyond just in the aerospace industry, such as with automobile, marine and military applications. In general, the NAS standards to be reached also relate to over 500 Mil-Spec standards that were established by the Department of Defense.

When it comes down to it, if you want fasteners that are dependable for the aerospace industry, seek out NAS bolts. The NAS compliance ensures superior quality and performance and the bolts we have for sale work great for all types of applications.

NAS Standards

The standards for our NAS bolts for sale cover a range of components for equipment and vehicles and offers guidelines for the intended operating environment, the materials, the component structure and the performance factors. This allows the manufacturers to better target NAS bolts in order to function in accordance to the details of a given environment and its applications. And thus ensuring that the components will hold together in all of the anticipated conditions without failing or malfunctioning.

When it comes to the aerospace industry specifically, these bolts face high-stress environments with high temperatures, pressures, speeds, and weight factors. So these standards allow for the manufacturers to build safe equipment that will function in any extreme condition. Get the best aerospace parts on the market when you turn to Sesco Industries. We are a proud supplier of many different fasteners and can get you the items you need. Get the custom fasteners you need when you turn to us. We partner with the best in the industry to provide those in the aerospace industry with exactly what they need.

NAS1081 Set Screws

One of the leading types of NAS bolts we have for sale are the NAS1081 set screws. These set screws are up to industry standards and used widespread throughout the aerospace industry. These are cadmium plated screws that offer 160 - 180 KSI tensile strength. Here are some notes about the NAS1081 set screws:

  • The "J" diameter in thread pitch diameter is within .005 TIR.
  • Complete thread length for screws longer than 2 inches shall be 1.75 inches minimum.
  • Dimension in inches to be met after plating. 
  • Gaging of the cruciform recess shall be in accordance with MS9006.
  • Orientation of recess slots to hex is optional.
  • Screws shall be free from burrs and slivers.
  • Head chamber angle optional and not to exceed 30 degrees max.

Learn more about the NAS1081 set screws by reviewing their PDF specs. And get in touch with Sesco today to inquire about our selection of NAS bolts for sale.

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