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When it comes to the world of fasteners, there are two kinds you will find: permanent and non-permanent. Non-permanent fasteners are the more common and widespread type of fastener you will find in use. This is because they are designed to allow for easy removal and the ability to re-use it. Bolts and screws fall under this category. By using non-permanent fasteners, you can assemble and disassemble when needed.

So, this brings us to permanent fasteners, which as you can tell by the name, are permanent. When you use a permanent fastener, you will be permanently joining two materials, such as metal sheets or plates, or different parts. When you remove this type of fastener, you will be destroying the hold and product. Rivets and nails are the common permanent fasteners you will find.

Types of Rivets

A rivet, as mentioned, is a permanent fastener. So once it gets removed, it cannot be re-used. Many industries count on rivets on a daily basis and commonly used to join metal sheets and plates. Here are some common types of rivets.

Pop Rivets

These rivets consist of hat and mandrel and used to join two materials together. During the installation, the mandrel is forced into the body of the rivet, which forces the body to expand and grip onto the materials. Once there is the grip, the remaining mandrel snaps off.

Large Flange Pop Rivets

The Large Flange Pop Rivets are similar to Pop Rivets in their application, but feature a much larger flange. So this makes them ideal for larger installations and applications.

Multi-Grip Rivets

A multi-grip rivet is used to join materials with differing thicknesses, which makes them a very versatile fastener. This normally would require multiple rivet sizes, but with the use of a multi-grip rivet you can adhere to the different sized materials. So they are also cost-effective, since you are getting all that you need with this type of rivet.

Custom Rivets

Sesco is a leading custom rivet supplier & distributor to those within the aerospace industry across the United States. We have a worldwide network of ISO certified & DFAR compliant manufacturers to ensure you receive the quality and price you expect. The rivets we sell are perfect for use in commercial, industrial and military grade applications.

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When you order rivets with us, you have the ability to order them in custom sizes in any length up to 3 inches with diameters of up to 3/8 inches. Since a rivet is a permanent fastener, you use it to permanently join two pieces. The joining is either through installation in pre-punched or drilled holes. You can also order blind rivets.

You can order rivets in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and many other types. Other lengths, diameters and additional services are available on request. Check out our full selection of rivets for sale. There is a minimum quantity applied for certain parts

Manufacturer of Permanent Fasteners

Sesco Industries partners with many of the best manufacturers of permanent fasteners in order to bring you a great selection of supplies. For more information about our selection of permanent fasteners, please reach out to us. The number for our office is 718-939-1900. You can also check out our website at Famsales, which showcases a great selection of rivets, as well as many other different types of fasteners for use in the aerospace industry. From military set screws to specialty fasteners, we have the best in the industry available for sale.