Military Set Screws

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Sesco Industries is a nationwide supplier of military set screws. These screws are important for many within the industry. They are capable of withstanding great pressures and holding up under extreme circumstances. And since they are vital to the military, these set screws are standardized. So when you need to replace a screw, it is a simple and easy task.

Military Set Screws Available

We have a few different popular set screws available for military use. Our selection includes the following:

  • MS18063: Set Screw, Hexagon Socket, Cup Point, 250° Self-Locking Element, Alloy Steel, Cadmium Plated
  • MS51047: Set Screw, Hexagon Socket, Half-Dog Point, Corrosion-Resisting Steel, Passivated, UNF-3A
  • MS51964: Set Screw, Hexagon Socket, Cup Point, Alloy Steel, Cadmium Plated, UNF-3A, Plain and Self-Locking

These set screws are perfect for military use. So choose the one that best fits your needs and applications. That way you can get the best performance possible from the fastener.

Set Screw Definition

Set screws have many uses and are used to complete many different applications. In general, this type of set screw is made up of a head. And the thread extends all the way to the head of the screw. There is a difference with a blind set screw, which is a type of screw that is nearly always driven with an internal-wrenching drive. For these types, these drives can include a hex socket (Allen), star (Torx), square socket (Robertson), or slot. The screws then pass through a threaded hole in the object to tighten. When the screw it tightened properly, it will no longer move. Thus is is safely on.

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Sesco Industries is a trusted military parts supplier and manufacturer. We have years of experience supplying set screws to the military and the aerospace industry. Our company resides in New York, but we ship all of our aerospace parts to customers nationwide. For more information about all of the parts and fasteners we have for sale, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions you may have about the products we sell. You can reach out office by dialing 718-939-1900. When you call, we can further discuss what exactly you need. Once we know, we can then provide you with a free quote for the products.