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Nationwide Distributor of Army-Navy Fasteners

Sesco Industries is a nationwide supplier of AN fasteners for those within the aerospace industry. AN fasteners are the industry standard for aircraft use. The name "AN" stands for Army/Navy and is an indicator that the nuts are made to very specific standards that stand up to the toughest jobs without faltering or breaking apart. In total, these nuts are made to military specifications.

The AN standard was developed as a means to standardize equipment during World War 2. It mostly fell out of use in the decades following the war. Many of the AN standards have been replaced by the more modern Mil-Spec, but a variety of bolts and other fasteners are still produced to AN standards.

Fasteners are a crucial element in creating many industries and for many applications for use as impermanent mechanical joints between objects. For the most part, AN fasteners follow specific design standards that make them perfect for use in the harsh and challenging environments found in military and aerospace applications.

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Types of AN Fasteners

There are a few common types of AN fasteners available. Here are some of the common types fasteners made to AN specification.

AN Screws

AN screws offer fasteners without tapered ends for fastening machine components, such as the AN 565 series set screws.. An AN self-tapping screw has pointed tips, so they can create holes without a pilot hole.

AN Bolts

AN bolts are commonly used for critical aircraft fastening applications and are available in various lengths, grips, diameters, drilled heads, and shanks with either coarse or fine threads.

AN Nuts

An AN nut pairs with an AN bolt in order to fasten the equipment components and objects across industries.

AN Cap Screws

Similar to hex bolts, an AN cap screw is manufactured to tighter tolerances than corresponding bolts of other grades. Cap screws are typically used in applications where one of the components has a threaded hole.

AN Rivets

An AN rivet is a smooth cylindrical shaft with a head on one end and a tail on the other that supports high-shear loads. When used in an existing hole, the tail is deformed to create a new head and holds two disparate components together.

AN Washers

AN washers are commonly available in different variations, including flat, split lock, screw, external tooth lock and internal tooth lock.

AN Pins

AN pins are cylindrical fasteners that connect equipment components and help to keep the object properly aligned.

AN Inserts

AN threaded inserts are cylindrical components that get inserted into an existing hole, which provides a threaded track for bolts, screws, and other fasteners. AN inserts have an outer shell that locks in place and an inner threaded cavity to accept a threaded fastener.

Why Choose AN Fasteners?

AN fasteners and hardware are manufactured in order to meet demanding requirements in the aerospace and aircraft industry. These are fasteners used for space shuttles, military vehicles, drones, and other high-performance equipment. In order to meet these standards, fasteners must adhere to rigorous guidelines during the manufacturing process and meet quality control standards.

The strict AN designation includes requirements for the following:

  • Strength
  • Tolerances
  • Material
  • Manufacturing methods
  • Finishing processes
  • Coating applications

Here are some of the material options for AN bolts and fasteners:

  • Cadmium-plated corrosion-resistant steel
  • Zinc-plated corrosion-resistant steel
  • Un-plated corrosion-resistant steel

Components that meet the AN standard offer a combination of characteristics not found in standard hardware. AN fasteners feature higher tensile strength and shear strength than common fasteners. One of the biggest features of an AN bolt and fasteners is that when they get overstressed, the AN bolts and fasteners will bend rather than break. This is crucial for military and defense contractors that rely on AN fasteners and bolts to mitigate the risk of catastrophic equipment failures in critical moments. What the AN designation ensures is that these bolts and fasteners are designed and engineered to withstand the rigorous demands and stresses placed on military hardware and can operate in harsh environments.