Screw Machining Processes

Manufacturers will complete their work more efficiently in their shops when they have access to all of the best equipment and the equipment necessary to do the work of precision screw machining. Depending on the type of screw being manufactured, there is a requirement to take in a few different factors such as the product's design, material, and machining options. A screw machine can be a single or multi-spindle and are fed bars of up to 12 feet and done so in square, round, or hexagonal shapes.

There are automated tools to help with the screw machining process, such as drilling, cutting, notching, or knurling tools. These cause the bar stock to spin as they come into contact with them. These implements are then connected to the screw machine. These devices will drill holes, remove extra material, and smooth the stock in order to shape the bar into pieces. These tools will frequently be arranged by manufacturers in stations that are set at several different axes. These axes include turrets, horizontal slides, and vertical slides. Different screw machines can perform a variety of processes, which include the knurling process, the thread rolling and forming process, the turning process, and the rotary broaching process. Let's take a brief look at some of these processes.

Knurling Process

The knurling process is a method of giving a patterned texture to a metal surface in order to increase grip on a finished item. When it comes to patterns, there are different knurling tools available that include tool handles, metal flashlights, knurled nuts, and knurled knobs. The process of knurling has a wide range of manufacturing and maintenance applications that include electronics, automotive, construction, aerospace, and maritime applications. When it comes to the aerospace industry, knurling is typically done on a lathe using the same automatic-feed mechanisms that are used to create screw-machined goods.

Thread Rolling and Forming Process

Thread rolling and forming processes create screw heads. Both of these processes will involve the application of pressure on a workpiece with a shaped die. Thread rolling, when it comes down to it, is a method of threading using hardened steel dies that roll against the workpiece. During the thread rolling process transfers the material, rather than eliminating it.

Turning Process

Turning is a machining process where a cutting tool moves more or less linearly while the workpiece rotates. Typically using a non-rotary tool bit. The turning process can be performed manually on a traditional lathe, which can frequently need constant operator monitoring. Or on an automated lathe, which does not require manual assistance. The form of automation most frequently used nowadays regarding lathes is computer numerical control. Otherwise known as CNC. Learn more about the turning process.

Rotary (Wobble) Broaching Process

The rotational broaching process is commonly called "wobble broaching." This is a distinct difference from traditional broaching. Rotary broaching is a speedy, accurate process that creates internal polygon structures. This entire process can finish up in a matter of seconds and shapes can be produced with an accuracy of at least 0.0005." Rotary broaching as a process in the manufacturing industry has grown more common due to a result of more cutting-edge innovations. The most notable industries include plumbing, automotive, aerospace, and medical areas. 

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