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NAS stands for National Aerospace Standard and is commonplace in the industry. So what does NASM mean? NASM stands for National Aerospace Standard, Metric. The NASM certification is the metric measurement of an NAS part. Approximately 500 military standards were converted by the NAS group to commercial specifications, but still retain the original MS part number. The spec that defines the part is NASM and then the numerical portion of the MS number. For example, MS20426 rivet spec went to NASM 20426, but part number stayed MS20426. One of the NASM parts we have in stock are NASM565 set screws.

What Do NAS Standards Mean?

The National Aerospace Standards (NAS) are voluntary standards developed by the aerospace industry. Subject matter experts from Aerospace Industries Association (AIA) member companies participate in committees and working groups to develop and maintain the NAS library, which currently contains over 1400 documents. At Sesco Industries, we have the full backing of these standards for the military and aerospace part we supply.

The National Aerospace Standards cover a wide variety of subject areas including NAS parts like bolts, rivets, washers, screws, nut plates, pins, and knobs. NAS also covers other aspects, such as safety management systems, nondestructive test personnel certification, hazardous materials management, foreign object debris prevention, cutting tools, airport operations, and trade compliance standards (TCS).

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Sesco Industries has years of experience supplying military and aerospace parts for those within those respective industries. We carry a wide selection of parts, including those that fall under the NASM certification, such as NASM565 set screws. Request a quote today!

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For more information about the NASM military parts we have in stock, please reach out to us today. The number for our office is 718-939-1900. When you order parts from Sesco Industries, you can rest assured that you are receiving the highest quality military and aerospace parts on the market backed with full documentation of inspection data applicable to the parts. Our certification shows that we have complied with all specifications for military socket set screws and aerospace parts. Upon your request, we can provide full certifications at no charge. These certifications assure our customers to bid on our military set screws without hesitation. The Defense Logistics Agency of Philadelphia, PA approved us to be on the QSLM list. This is a list of approved manufacturers for 3A threads.