Screw Machined Products

The manufacturers of screw machined products create parts and goods for customers in various industries, which includes the aerospace industry and military and defense. The overall results of screw machining are frequently referred to as precision-turned parts. Screw machining produces a wide variety of machine screws, which includes button machine screws, pan machine screws, and hex machine screws. Though fastening is the most frequent use of machine screws, there applicability ranges far and wide. Making it a great choice for various reasons.

The options for a screw machine tooling process are numerous after screw-machined parts have been manufactured, which includes use in military parts. Making them a vital part of the aerospace industry.

In general, screw machines don't simply make screws, they also create a wide range of parts and goods. High-quality automatic screw machining services can be used to create a variety of goods, including the following:

  • custom and specialty fasteners
  • fittings
  • inserts
  • standoffs
  • spacers
  • bushing
  •  pins
  • custom precision parts

Types of Screw Machined Products

When it comes to screw machined products, there are various types available on the market. At Sesco Industries, we deal with only the aerospace industry, which requires the most durable and sturdy parts on the market. Let's take a look at the types of screw machined products in general.

Stainless Steel Screw Machined Parts

A stainless steel screw machined part has a high resistance to chemicals and corrosion. The aerospace products made from stainless steel screw machines are made to be subjected to harsh temperatures, moisture and temperatures. Allowing them to be used in any circumstance that arises without becoming faulty.

High Precision Screw Machined Products

A high-precision screw machined product is an item that is produced with incredibly tight tolerances, which is very helpful for turning huge quantities of parts. The use of high-grade metals are incorporated throughout the manufacturing process, as well as production-stage checks in order to ensure that the tight tolerances are being met.

Medical Screw Machined Products

Medical screw machined products are products that are used in a wide range of applications in the medical field, which includes spinal implants, screws, and dental implants.

Screw Machined Parts

There are numerous types of screw-machined parts. Machined screws are available with a variety of driver heads, including hex socket heads and square-drive socket heads.

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Sesco Industries is a leading distributor of machine screws. We proudly have a worldwide network of ISO certified & DFAR compliant manufacturers, which makes sure you receive the quality you expect and the price you can afford. Buyers commonly use these machine screws in commercial, industrial, aerospace and military grade applications.

The machine screws we distribute are available in any length up to 3" and diameter up to 1/4-20. The screws come in various materials, which includes stainless steel, steel, brass, and aluminum. We also have other materials available on request, too, so please, do not hesitate to reach out and learn more about the machine screws available. Request a quote today.

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Custom manufacturing is available when you reach out. When you reach out to our office, we can go over the exact specifications you need. We distribute screws to customers across the United States. There are a few different factors to consider when using exact parts. Machine screws are available in a wide variety of combinations and sizes. When it comes to ordering, machine screws can be recessed or countersunk. This differs from other types of countersunk screws, since machine screws are made to sit flush against the surface of housings. Machine screw parts come in both imperial and metric sizes.