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Sesco Industries is an experienced socket set screw manufacturer and we distribute to clients throughout the USA. Many aerospace and military industries use our manufacturing capabilities for high-quality screws, nuts, and bolts. And since we are an in-house manufacturer, we can take custom orders for your socket set screw.

So please, do not hesitate to contact us today for more information. We will happily answer any questions you may have regarding our selection of aerospace parts. The number for our office is 718-939-1900. When you call, we can provide you with a free quote. Let us be your aerospace parts distributor!

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A Manufacturer of All Types of Socket Set Screws

Socket Set Screw ManufacturerWhen you turn to Sesco Industries, you will be working with a leading socket set screw manufacturer in the USA. We have the ability to work with clients in many different industries and deliver products that are of the utmost satisfaction. Here are some common types of socket set screws we manufacture.

Cup Point Setscrew  

A cup point screw has concave hollowed ends. They are the most commonly used point style in the world. You find this type used when the digging in of the point is not undesirable, since it leaves a ring dentation mark.

Dog Point Setscrew 

A dog point is a flat end screw that has the threads stopping short of the end and the end fitting into a circular locating hole ensuring alignment.

Cone Point Setscrew  

A cone pointed end screw generates the highest torsional holding power of any screw. Use to to create a permanent connection. It can also act as an adjuster or a pivot point.

Knurled Cup Point Setscrew

A knurled cup point is a cup point with knurls’ cut on the outside of the cup. These cuts offer improved locking and aid in resisting vibration by digging into the butting surface.

Oval Point Setscrew

An oval or rounded end set screw is typically used when frequent adjustment is needed. The oval end reduces indentation and can butt at different angles, allowing for nice flexibility.

Flat Point Setscrew

A flat point screw causes little damage to the shaft. Use it when you need frequent adjustments. The flat points will align against ground flats, so you can safely use it against a thin wall or soft material.

Thrust Point Setscrew 

A thrust point screw has a rounded point which allows for movement at the base of the set screw. Its thrust points often fit into a mating cup.

Set Screw Tips  

The tips at the end of the set screw are in various soft materials like plastic and copper. The design is to reduce damage to the surface they butt against.

Why You Need A Socket Set Screw

Socket set screws are used to generate a compressive load. This is the direct opposite to a fastener tensile load , which we see with the installation of bolts and screw. The purpose of a socket set screw is to hold parts beneath the cup or points all while withstanding any rotational movement or lateral displacement and to resist vibration. Essentially, this screw needs to be great at holding everything in place.

The holding power of a set screw is determined by their seating torque. So it makes sense that socket set screws are made of the highest class or grades available and have internal hexagon drives. Lower tensile set screws have slotted drives and are traditionally called grub screws. We specify socket set screws by either their hardness or class. And as a socket set screw manufacturer, you can provide us with the hardness and class and we will take care of the rest!

Different Drive Types

As a custom socket set screw manufacturer in the USA, we can create a product based on your requirements. Socket set screws come in a few different drive types. Here are the more common ones available to you:

  • straight slot
  • hex socket
  • square socket
  • external hex
  • external square
  • bristol spline

Each drive type offers its own set of benefits and applications. So please be sure to understand which you need. We can go through these types and discuss which work best for what jobs. And create a screw that fits your needs. As your socket set screw manufacturer, you can purchase with confidence!