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Sesco Sells NAS Fasteners Directly to Aerospace Industry

When you turn to Sesco Industries, you have the opportunity to purchase the best NAS fasteners and parts on the market. These NAS parts and fasteners encompass a few different aerospace items, including bolts, rivets, washers, screws, nut plates, pins, & knobs. In the aerospace industry, many fasteners face high-stress environments on a regular basis. And in those environments, they experience significant temperatures, pressure, speed, and various weight factors.

NAS Fasteners for High-Performance Applications

At Sesco Industries, our aerospace parts catalog includes a many different fasteners designed to NAS standards. This allows for ultimate performance and integrity. Learn more about the national aerospace standards and why they are important. And continue reading to learn more about the different types of NAS fasteners and parts available to you.

NAS Set Screws

Some common NAS and Mil-Spec screw types include cap screws, machine screws, set screws, and tapping screws. When it comes to the metal choice, the default option for NAS screws is usually a Grade 5 steel that you can plate with other metals. Get NAS certified screws when you turn to Sesco Industries, such as NAS1081 set screws.

NAS Cap Screws

NAS cap screws are typically available in hex and standard screws from multiple metals. These metals include stainless steel, Grade 5 or 8 steel alloy, and zinc coatings. Caps screws tighten from the head of the bolt itself, which is different than standard bolts. A standard bolt uses a nut to fasten and tighten the assembly. Cap screws are governed by NAS1251 and NAS1352.

NAS Bolts

In general, NAS bolts feature fine threads and each one is manufactured to provide a tight hold. Each NAS bolt has raised or recessed markings. These features detail the materials used in its fabrication. Learn more about NAS bolts and what they are used for.

NAS Washers

NAS washers have the strength and integrity to secure nuts and bolts without slippage or concentrating too much pressure on a smaller surface area. The NAS washer types include flat, split lock, and tooth lock washers.

NAS Nuts

A NAS nut fastens along the threaded shafts of bolts. There are a wide range of nuts that meet NAS standards for their intended applications within the aerospace industry. Sesco can help you choose the one that works best.

NAS Inserts

Screw thread inserts, wall panel inserts, and locking inserts are common components that get used in aerospace equipment. These inserts provide a variety of fastening and alignment functions that ensure assemblies meet acceptable tolerances and specifications.

NAS Rivets

Rivets are permanent fasteners. They pinch aligned mechanical plates or pieces together in a tight hold. When you use multiple rivets at set points around the perimeter of an assembly, it eliminates the risk of rotation or misalignment.

NAS Pins

These NAS pins will fasten together hardware by running through the aligned holes in order to securely hold objects. The pins may be simple metal rods or have a U-shaped component, as well as additional holes to provide a tighter locking.

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Sesco Industries is one of the few manufacturers today making military set screws, which includes a selection of NAS fasteners and parts. Upon your request, we provide full certifications at no charge. These certifications assure our customers to bid on these aerospace parts without hesitation. The Defense Logistics Agency of Philadelphia, PA approved us to be on the QSLM list. So you can purchase with confidence when you turn to Sesco!

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