Anodizing Aerospace Parts

Types of Anodizing

When it comes to anodizing, there are different types of anodizing available for the process. Here are the common three types of anodizing within the aerospace industry.

Type 1: Chromic Anodizing

The chronic anodizing process entails the use of chromic acid in order to create a thin, electrically non-conductive aluminum oxide film. This Type 1 anodizing coating is best for using with aluminum, flight critical components, such as landing gear. Essentially components that always subjected to very high levels of stress.

Type 2: Aluminum Anodizing

The use of aluminum anodizing is to enhance the substrate's corrosion and overall wear resistance. In order to create a thicker aluminum oxide film, the use of sulfuric acid is incorporated. The coating can be clear or it can be in different colors. Black, green, red, gold and blue. This Type 2 aluminum anodizing creates a thicker film than Type 1.

Type 3: Hard Coat Anodizing

When Type 3 hard coat anodizing is used, it utilizes a combination of relatively low plating bath temperatures and a constant rectification of the electrical current. This allows it to develop an extremely hard oxide film coating. This hard coating can range from light to dark gray in color and can even be dyed black. The use of hard coating anodizing in the aerospace industry provides a substantial corrosion protection and wear resistance, as well as having excellent lubricity.

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Sesco: A Nationwide Distributor of Aerospace Parts

Anodizing is a method used with the production of aerospace parts. When you effectively anodize an aerospace part, you will be increasing the thickness of the oxide layer on the surface of the metal. In general, anodizing is a common metal finishing process and offers some nice benefits for the users and the part itself. These benefits include:

  • increase of corrosion resistance
  • improving the surface hardness
  • lengthens the lifespan of the aerospace part
  • enhances resistance to overall wear and tear

These benefits are similar in nature to electroplating. Within the aerospace metal finishing process, the general anodizing applications offer protective coating for engine parts and other aerospace components. These components include the landing gear, actuators, and air-frames.

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