Rotary (Wobble) Broaching Process

Rotational broaching, which is often referred to as "wobble broaching," is a distinct method from traditional broaching. The traditional approach involves pushing a series of larger polygonal or other shapes through a hole until the required form size is reached. By cutting the whole form, one corner at a time, rotary broaching can accomplish its task in a single pass. This often eliminates the need for any subsequent work. On machines with horizontal or vertical spindles, like lathes and mills, the rotary broaching process works very well.

The process of rotary broaching is a speedy and accurate one for effectively creating internal polygon structures. The entire process can be finished in a matter of seconds. And shapes can be produced with an accuracy of at least 0.0005." The cutting tool's 1 inch angle to the workpiece's midline is the key to the overall effectiveness of this process. As the rotary broach is fed into the component to the necessary depth, it shears into the workpiece with a chiseled or scalloping effect. The broaching tool itself is held in place by a live spindle in the rotary broach tool holder, which allows the spindle to rotate freely within it. What drives the spindle is the contact with the revolving workpiece.

Over the years, the process of rotary broaching has grown more common as a result of this cutting-edge innovation. So more and more manufacturers in the aerospace industry utilize this great process. And the experts at Sesco Industries can help any buyer navigate this aspect.

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