Electroless Nickel Plating

One common aerospace metal coating is electroless nickel plating. This is a process that produces a metal coating via chemical reactions. It provides a more even and uniform coating for hard-to-reach areas on a given surface. Nickel is typically the metal of choice for many in the aerospace manufacturing industry. The various types of nickel alloys used in electroless nickel plating will eventually depend on the result of the manufacturing process. 

Here are the types of electroless nickel plating types that many who manufacture aerospace parts use:

  • Low phosphorous (less than 5%): provides for increased surface hardness and excellent solderability, as well as great resistance in alkaline environments.
  • Medium phosphorous: this is the best choice when the aesthetic appearance of the substrate is one of the primary objectives.
  • High phosphorous: offers the best protection against corrosion. Provides excellent resistance in highly acidic environments.

Some other specific electroless nickel plating applications include increasing lubricity and chemical resistivity on engine mounts and shafts, valves, compressor blades, pistons, and other flight-critical parts and components.

Black Electroless Nickel Coatings

A recent innovation is the development of black electroless nickel coatings. When it comes to use in the aerospace industry, a black electroless nickel coating serves the vital function of light and energy absorption. Before this innovation, aerospace manufacturers had to resort to darkening the part with black paint or other materials. However, with black electroless nickel, it offers a more effective and permanent solution. While also offering the great advantage of withstanding harsh climates and environments. Many in the aerospace industry may also use this black coating for aesthetic purposes whenever there is a need for an attractive black finish.

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