Aircraft Fastener Specifications

The custom fasteners you will find at Sesco Industries are available for use by the aircraft industry, which means they require various specifications. Below you will find that each classification refers to the governing body that has approved and maintains the published specification for each part. When you order military and aerospace parts from Sesco, you can rest assured of receiving the highest quality products. Everything we sell is backed with full documentation of inspection data applicable to the parts. We offer certification that shows our compliance with all specifications for military socket set screws and aerospace parts.

Let's take a look at these specifications and how they apply to Sesco Industries. We are leaders in dealing out custom aircraft fasteners and parts to those across the United States.

MS Military Standards

In order to achieve standardization objectives by the US Department of Defense, a United States Defense standard is used. This standardization is beneficial in achieving interoperability among industries, ensuring products meet certain requirements, commonality, reliability, total cost of ownership, compatibility with logistics systems and similar defense-related objectives. These standards came about due to the need of ensuring proper performance of military equipment. The MS standards essentially replaced the AN fastener standards. Yet, the MS standards ended in 1994 and they were converted into other specs, which you will see below. At Sesco, we stock and sell MS socket set screws.

NAS & NA Fastener Standards

"NAS" stands for National Aerospace Standard and the "NA" prefix is for Metric standards. National Aerospace Standards are handled by the Aerospace Industries Association, which is a group of aerospace companies. The NAS series of socket set screws is best known for its state-of-the-art, high-strength, precision fasteners mainly for aircraft. We offer NAS1081 military socket set screws in our inventory.

NASM & NAM Fastener Standards

NASM and NAM fastener standards apply to conversions from NAS standards. So, these converted documents carry a "NASM" for inch based or "NAM" for metric-based prefixes. About 500 military standards were converted by the NAS group to commercial specifications. However, they retain the original MS part number, which is how we get NASM. Our inventory includes NASM565 socket set screws.

AN Fastener Standards

AN stands for Army Navy fastener standards and are the industry standard for aircraft. AN is an indicator that the nuts are made to a very specific standard that can ably stand up to the toughest jobs with faltering. This series of set screws began in the early 1940's and had the aim to standardize items for World War II. AN3-AN20 bolts are one of the longest-lived specs. You can find AN565 military socket set screws in our inventory.

Aerospace Standards

Aerospace standards were created by SAE International. and some MS specifications were replaced by AS standards. Unfortunately, the part number changed to AS, so did the MS part number.

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Sesco Industries, Inc. was founded in 1976. We are one of the few manufacturers today making military set screws, which you can find as AN565 set screws, NAS1081 set screws, NASM565 set screws, and MS socket set screws. Upon your request, we can provide full certification at no extra charge. These certifications are meant to assure our customers to bid on the various military set screws without hesitation. The Defense Logistics Agency of Philadelphia, PA approved us to be on the QSLM list. This is a list of approved manufacturers for 3A threads. So request a quote today!

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