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Sesco Industries is proud to be an authorized supplier of Airbus products. Airbus is the second largest aerospace and defense company in the world, only behind Boeing. Not only is Airbus big, but they are also lauded for creating high-quality military and civil aerospace products. Reach out to Sesco today to request a quote for many of the best aerospace products from Airbus today.

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When you reach out, we can provide you with a quote for the aerospace products you need. We have a great selection of aerospace products, including specialty fasteners, socket set screws, and plenty of military standard parts. We also have custom fasteners and socket sets available. When you order parts from us, you can rely on getting the highest quality products fully backed with documentation of inspection data that is applicable to the parts. Including full authorization of Airbus parts. And our certification shows that we have complied with all specifications for our miliary and aerospace parts.

The History of Airbus

The company of Airbus is the result of consolidation that happened in the European aerospace industry. It is the result of multiple companies being merged in January 2017, but was originally established in 2000. Before 2017, Airbus consisted of European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company NV, Airbus Group NV, and Airbus Group.

The modern product line of aerospace products from Airbus began with the A300, which was the first twin aisle and engine aircraft. After the success this civilian aircraft, Airbus produced the A310 and A320, which is still considered to be a huge commercial success. And their A380 is the largest airliner and holds a maximum of 853 seats.

Airbus FAQs

Where is Airbus based?

The corporate headquarters of Airbus is located in Leiden, Netherlands with the main office located in Toulouse, France.

Where are Airbus Planes Made?

The main civil airplane business is currently based in Blagnac, France. The production and manufacturing facilities are mostly in the European Union. However, there are some locations that are also in the United States and in China. The final assembly of these planes is in France, Spain, Germany, China and Alabama.

What else does Airbus Manufacture?

Airbus is mostly known for manufacturing commercial airliners and are known for focusing on aerial refueling and tactical aircraft. They also manufacture passenger airliners and military aircraft. In 1999, Airbus created Airbus Military SAS, which is a separate company that Airbus uses to develop and produce tactical transport aircraft known as the Airbus Military A400M.

In 2014, Airbus and Aerion partnered together to work on creating the Aerion AS2, which is a supersonic private business jet that seats 11. Airbus also announced that they were developing smart suitcases geared towards air travelers. These suitcases have a number of built-in electronics that sync to a smartphone app and make it easier for travelers to handle baggage handling and GPS.