Certificate of Compliance From Global Registration Services

Sesco Industries aspires to bring customers the best in aerospace parts. Our customers can trust the aerospace parts we supply due to the certifications we have, which includes a Certificate of Compliance from Global Registration Services, Inc. This lets our customers know we are in compliance with the best and the parts we supply are reliable. This certificate demonstrates that all of the required state licenses for the products we sell have been verified by a GRS Compliance Specialist. Learn more about Global Registration Services by checking out their website.


In order to get a Certificate of Compliance for Global Registration Services, we must be subscribed to one of their 3 Monitored Services: GlobalTrak, License Management or Guaranteed Compliance. Although these services provide different levels of involvement between us and Global Registration Services, each requires that our licenses be uploaded into their database. So, when we add a URN to the GRS system, we have the chance to choose one of their services. And ultimately, the products we select are made by that URN factory and will determine which other state licenses we may need.

Then, as we upload these required licenses, a GRS Compliance Specialist will review and approve our licenses for accuracy and validity. As the rules work, we are only allowed to order a Certificate of Compliance from Global Registration Services when all the licenses for any URN are in a Certified status.

Ordering the Certificate of Compliance

Global Registration makes ordering simple and easy for us, ensuring the highest quality parts are ordered and sold. To order a Certificate of Compliance, we login and select the URN from our URN table. On that page there is a Certificate of Compliance section that will show one of the following 3 displays based on the URN status:

  • Unavailable: URN licenses are not in Certified status due to missing or expired licenses.
  • Order Now: All of the licenses for the URN are in Certified status and the Certificate can be ordered.
  • View/Download: Certificate has been issued and uploaded into the URN table to view and download at our convenience.

When the URN is Certified, we can click the "Order Now" button whenever we want and the request will be sent right to Global Registration Services. Sometimes there is a payment required for the invoice. Sometimes not, but once the invoice is done, a GRS Compliance Specialist generates the Certificate and uploads it. Once this upload it complete, we can click on the View/Download button and download the Certificate of Compliance. When we click on it, the date of the Certificate will be displayed.

Certificate Expiration

The Certificate of Compliance does expire and the expiration date of the certificate is determined by the date of the next license expiration for that URN. Which means when the URN shows "Non-Compliant" in Global Registration Services' system, the Certificate expires at the same time.


There are various costs for the certificate, which are based on the Monitored Service. These costs are as follows:

  • Guaranteed Compliance – Free
  • License Management - $10.00 each
  • GlobalTrak - $25.00 each

At Sesco Industries, we make sure we are always fully compliant. There are no limits on the number of Certificates we can order.

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