Common Plating Materials on Titanium

Titanium plating is a common metal plating application that is widely used in the aerospace industry. You can plate on titanium with nickel, copper and gold. Each offer their own set of features and benefits. At Sesco Industries, we strive for perfection and work with some of the best aerospace parts manufacturers in the United States.

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Plating on Titanium With Nickel

Nickel is a common metal to use for plating on titanium and offers a relatively high level of success. Nickel coatings increase the resistance to corrosion and makes the part less vulnerable to wear and tear. When you go with Sesco Industries, you will be getting aerospace parts that are of the highest quality. All of the parts we sell are certified according to aerospace standards.

It is not uncommon to use electroless nickel plating as an undercoating when plating on titanium. Unlike the standard electroplating process, electroless nickel plating does not involve the use of an electric current into the plating bath. Instead the process uses an autocatlytic chemical reaction to deposit a nickel-phosphorous alloy onto the surface of the substrate. But instead of being the finishing coat for the aerospace part, it serves as a base coat for the metals. This is because it helps the adhesion of these metals to the underlying substrate.

The electroless nickel plating process offers other unique benefits, too. It provides for a more uniform thickness and an even coating application. And it enhances high-temperature oxidation and improves thermal conductivity. While allowing for brazing and soldering the whole time.

Plating on Titanium With Gold

Another material you can plate on titanium is gold. A material that enhances the overall appearance of the substrate. But since it is more expensive, the layer is often quite thin to reduce the cost of the application. However, it offers great adhesion to the substrate when properly applied.

One common problem when electroplating titanium onto gold is the creation of small cracks, holes and other general surface imperfections. The application of an electroless nickel coating can prevent these issues though. So the combination of it is something you may find in the industry. When it comes to the success of any gold-on-titanium plating process is the total removal of titanium dioxide prior to plating. This ensures a complete and continuous surface coating.

Sesco Industries prides itself providing our customer base with the best aerospace parts on the market. You can rest assured that everything you purchase from us meets your standards of certification.

Plating on Titanium With Copper

Lastly we come to plating on titanium with copper. Plating copper on titanium improves the electrical conductivity of the surface. Again, it is common to use an electroless nickel coating first to improve the whole scenario. And it is essential to remove the titanium oxides from the surface. After the plating on titanium with copper, there is a step for heat treating. Any of the aerospace parts that use copper-on-titanium meet certifications and standards of the industry. So you can purchase in confidence with Sesco Industries.