Heat Treating

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Sesco Industries is a custom fastener manufacturer and has a great selection of specialty fasteners. We ship our products nationwide, so customers around the country can use the best in specialty fasteners on the market. Heating treating is an important area in the manufacturing process of custom made fasteners. 

How Heat Treating Works

In order to harden or soften a metal, our industry uses the process of heat treating. The aim is not to modify the shape, but usually to improve the strength of the metals. Because steel is heavily used in the military, aerospace and related industries, the metal is favorable for the treatment.

There are a few different techniques to optimize the alloy's mechanical properties. In the aerospace industry, a super-alloy may undergo a few different processes to meet the end product. Some of these processes  are:

  • annealing
  • aging
  • quenching
  • tempering
  • decarburization

These processes are used in order to develop the metal to achieve its desired properties. It depends on the type of metal, as well as the application of the product.  

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