Aerospace Parts Manufacturing Companies

Sesco Industries is a Leading Distributor of Aerospace Parts

Sesco Industries is partnered with many different manufacturing companies of aerospace parts. Companies that manufacture aerospace parts play a vital role within the industry. They ensure that aerospace companies have the parts that they need to build what they build. And they make sure all of the parts are up to industry standards. Whether it is aircraft, aircraft components, missiles, space vehicles and more. Some of these manufacturers may be specialty producers or more widespread. So it is important to fully understand this landscape.

There is a high demand for manufacturing companies to produce aerospace parts. The annual revenue of US aerospace parts manufacturers and product manufacturers reaches a couple hundred billion.

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Popular Aerospace Parts Manufacturing Companies

aerospace fastenersThere are, as you’d expect, many manufacturing companies of aerospace parts that are based out of the United States. These companies range from small suppliers to large-scale corporations. At Sesco Industries, we have years of experience working with these companies and supplying many within the aerospace industry with parts. When you turn to us, we can help you navigate this field of manufacturing companies and get you the aerospace parts you need.

Here are some popular aerospace parts manufacturing companies that create high-strength and reliable parts for aircraft.


Boeing is the world’s largest aerospace company. It is also the leading producer of commercial airliners, defense aircraft and communication systems. They also offer fabrication services and products like avionics, communication systems, controls, engines, instruments, and modules. So you can see why they are the largest in the world, since they offer everything.

General Dynamics

General Dynamics is a big military contractor. They provide contracts to the Pentagon, which accounts for most of their revenue. But they might be best known for the manufacturing of Gulfstream business jets.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin mostly manufactures tactical aircraft, airlifts, and parts. They excel in developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art military systems. So it is no surprise that most of their business is with the US Department of Defense and other federal agencies. But they also work with some commercial operators and international governments.


Airbus is most known for their work in manufacturing large commercial aircraft. However, that’s not all they do. They also manufacture defense and space industries, and helicopters both civilly and for the military. And they are the biggest suppliers to the aerospace market in Europe.

Jamco Aerospace

Jamco is an aerospace parts manufacturer that focuses on machining and air-frame sub-assembly services for military and commercial industries. They create a full range of parts from small turnings to large castings and structural sheet metal assemblies.

When it comes to these companies, you get the best aerospace parts on the market. There are some challenges all manufacturers face, but these companies are the best at overcoming them.