The Challenges Faced by Aerospace Companies

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Sesco Industries is proudly partnered with many great manufacturers of aerospace parts. There are many challenges associated with the manufacturing of parts for use in the aerospace industry for different applications. The challenges at the top of the list mostly revolve around the quality, since that is the most pressing concern for any buyer. You want to make sure the aerospace parts you buy are up to safety regulations. Otherwise, the results could be catastrophic. Let's take a closer look at the challenges aerospace manufacturers face in terms of the quality of the parts.

Getting Quality Materials

The quality of the materials in the first building block of a reliable fastener or other aerospace part. This can be a challenge, because many aerospace parts require the use of materials that are uncommon in regular manufacturing. The metals these companies use to build aerospace parts require different tempers depending on a given application in the aircraft or spacecraft, so these materials must meet certain certifications. However, not all shops have the correct materials to buy that meet these certifications. And not all machine shops have the ability to work with the various metals required for applications within the aerospace industry. So this is the first hurdle when it comes to having quality aerospace parts.

Quality Manufacturing Capabilities

Once the parts are up to quality, then it comes to the manufacturing of them. Aerospace parts are often complex in their design and need a precision that is difficult to achieve for some. Not all manufacturers and shops have the precision to get the job done right. That is why the best manufacturing companies of aerospace parts stand out from the crowd. They utilize the best methods and machinery in order to achieve an end product that satisfies all parties.

Trusted Process

Lastly, comes the processes of which these materials are fabricated. Lesser manufacturers to do not give the detailed attention required for properly fabricating the precision parts. Thus, they may not even be able to produce aerospace parts that are 100% complete! Obviously, this is a problem. When a part is not up to par, then it needs to be changed. This increases the cost of production. On top of that, it is simply an unsafe way to manufacture crucial parts. So, trusting a company to use the best processes during the fabrication goes a long way.

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