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Sesco Industries is a proud socket set screw supplier for the aerospace industry. We conveniently ship all of our parts and products to industries nationwide. So, no matter where your business is located, we are the socket set screw supplier for you! All of the products on our site can be customized for optimal use. We are experts in the world of socket set screws.

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What Is A Socket Set Screw?

A socket set screw is made up of a head and the thread will extend all the way to the head. A blind set screw is a type of screw that is nearly always driven with an internal-wrenching drive. These drives can include a hex socket (Allen), star (Torx), square socket (Robertson), or slot. The socket set screw then passes through a threaded hole in the object and is tightened. This is to prevent it from moving.

Pros and Cons

As a trusted nationwide socket set screw supplier, we feel it is our duty to inform our customers. We want them to understand what they are purchasing and why they are purchasing it. So here are some simple pros and cons of a socket set screw.

Socket Set Screw SupplierPros

One pro for a socket set screw is its toughness and durability. A set screw is typically made of alloy steel and is case-hardened. This enables for longer life and better usage rate for the screw. A hardened case for this item, which can increase the holding power of the joint. This is due to the plastic deformation that occurs while it is used.


On the con side, if you are looking to leave a blemish-free cosmetic finish, there are actions you must take to prevent circular marks from appearing. Such as the plastic deformation and the way it looks. Another con is how the plastic deformation can cause corresponding high points in the shaft surrounding the circular high mark and can result in a tougher time in the dis-assembly process.

Socket Set Screw Types

As a supplier of socket set screws, there are different types available. Here are some of the more common types of socket set screws that those in the aerospace industry use.

Cup Point Set Screws

This is the most commonly used set screw in the aerospace industry. The cup-shaped edge cuts into the surface material to prevent the part from loosening.

Knurled Cup Point Screws

The knurls digs into the surface to provide strong holding power in high-vibration applications.

Cone Point Set Screws

The sharp cone point penetrates the surface, which offers superior holding power for permanent setting.

Flat Point Set Screws

The flat point does not damage or deform the material they are set into. It is ideal for applications where you may need to make some adjustments.

Dog Point Set Screws

Dog point, or "extended point" set screws have a tubular tip to mate with a corresponding hole in the work piece, which allows the shaft to rotate without it dislodging the part.

Half-Dog Point Set Screws

A Half Dog Point will perform the same as a full dog, but the point is only half as long.

Nylon Point Set Screws

A nylon tip set screw has a dog point tip that is made of nylon. It will not damage the mating part or surface.

Oval Point Set Screws

An oval point set screw has a convex oval point on one end. They are used in applications where repeated adjustments need to be made without significantly damaging the mating material or part.

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