Wet Blasting For Aerospace Metal Finishing

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When it comes to aerospace metal finishing, there are different ways to finish the process. One of those ways is with wet blasting. Sesco Industries is an authorized dealer of many different types of aerospace and military parts. So when you turn to us for aerospace parts, you get variety. And with that variety comes the various ways in which these parts are made. Which as mentioned includes wet blasting. Let's learn a little more about this process and why it is so important for those in the field.

What Is Wet Blasting?

Manufacturers of aerospace parts frequently use wet blasting as a part of the aerospace metal finishing process. Wet blasting typically involves the use of high-pressure compressed air to propel a combination of abrasive media and liquid onto the surface of a substrate. The technique of wet blasting is effective for a few different surface preparation applications. This includes paint removal, degreasing, mold cleaning and general dirt and debris removal.

Then there are also distinct aerospace and military parts that can benefit from wet blasting. These certain parts include jet engine turbine discs, turbines and fan blades. The manufacturers of these military and aerospace parts do meticulous work to ensure that every part they sell is of the highest quality. And they understand which parts require wet blasting.

The technique of wet blasting is particularly suited to the high-precision manufacturing processes employed in the aerospace industry. It offers the benefit of a reliable control over the process. During the process, operators have the capability to adjust parameters to the task at hand. For example, the process can be easily altered by modifying the blast pressure and/or changing the type of blasting media.

In general, this process can meet the requirements of cleaning application ranging from extremely delicate to highly aggressive. But regardless of the media type or pressure, the use of a liquid helps to cushion the impact and protect the part or component against any potential damage.

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