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Located in Queens, New York, we proudly supply our aerospace parts to customers around the country. As a custom fastener manufacturer, we utilize tools such as nylon locking elements.

What Are Nylon Locking Elements?

Nylon locking elements are a type of fastener that helps to prevent loosening, leakage, and corrosion of bolts, screws, nuts, and lock washers. They are perfect for highly corrosive environments and anywhere where fasteners are prone to vibration, which makes them a common element in the manufacturing of aerospace parts since those scenarios accurately describe the aerospace industry.

In general, there are two different types of nylon locking elements:

  • inert thread lockers
  • reactive thread lockers

Inert thread lockers create a secure fastening that is resistant to all vibration and any shock-related slippage. Whereas reactive thread lockers form a chemical bond that prevents slippage from shock and vibration while ultimately helping to seal fastening points against liquid and gas leaks.


Nylon locking elements are applied in different ways for different results. These elements can be pre-applied to fasteners, like nuts or screws, during the overall manufacturing process. Some pre-applied nylon locking elements include nylon patches, nylon pellets, and nylon tips. There is also the user-applied thread locker that is an option.

Here are some examples of fasteners with pre-applied nylon locking elements.

  • Socket Head Cap Screws with Nylon Patch
  • Socket Head Cap Screws with Nylon Pellet
  • Socket Set Screws with Nylon Patch
  • Socket Set Screws with Nylon Pellet
  • Socket Set Screws with Nylon Tip
  • Socket Shoulder Screws with Nylon Patch
  • Socket Shoulder Screws with Nylon Pellet
  • Nyloc Nuts

Of course, this is not the full list. Just an idea of the different types of nylon locking elements available in the marketplace.

Types of Thread Lockers

As mentioned, there are two main types of thread lockers in the marketplace. An inert thread locker and a reactive thread locker. An inert thread locker also goes by the name of a "prevailing torque." This type of thread locker creates a secure fastening lock, which is resistant to vibration and any shock related slippage. Whereas a reactive thread locker is comprised of a chemical bond, which forms from the adhesive. What this does is then prevent slippage from shock and vibration, while also helping to seal fastening points against gas and liquid leakage.

In the marketplace, there are different types of pre-applied inert and reactive thread locking, as well as user-applied thread lockers. A few of those common options include permanent and removable thread lockers, thread lockers for wood and plastic, reusable thread lockers, and chemical resistant thread lockers. There are also thread lockers that do not require drilling, but some do.

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