Mobile v Permanent Fasteners

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Differences Between Fasteners

For the most part, there are two types of fasteners: mobile and permanent. As you could surmise, there are differences between the two. So be sure to understand exactly what you need. We go into these differences below. But of course, Sesco is here to help you select the exact fasteners you need.

Mobile Fastener

Bolts, nuts, washers, and some screws are all considered mobile fasteners. We say mobile, because they are designed to create a temporary union between two objects. This union means you can remove these fasteners without causing any damage to the union.

Permanent Fastener

Some popular permanent fasteners are rivets, welds, and even some screws. These fasteners are designed to create a permanent union between two objects. This union means if you remove one of these fasteners, then you will cause damage to the union as a whole. They work together.

Which One Do You Need?

Mobile and permanent fasteners are both important construction tools. However, they are usually the weakest components, too. What we mean is that if there is a failure with the fastener, then there could be some serious damage to the whole construction. So it is imperative to have the fasteners fit perfectly. Otherwise, the whole thing could be put in jeopardy. So, if your construction requires frequent adjustment, then mobile fasteners may be the better choice. If not, then a permanent fastener could be for you.

And of course, if you need help deciding, the pros at Sesco Industries have years of experience working alongside many in the aerospace industry. We will help you navigate these decisions and look forward to helping you.