FF-S-200B Federal Specification

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The FF-S-200B is a federal specification that covers hexagon socket and spline socket headless setscrews. These setscrews are used in various applications, which include for use with a variety of military parts. When it comes to the size of set screws, they are classified by size based on the basic major diameter of the thread. The General Services Administration has authorized the use of this federal specification by all federal agencies. And all of the military parts we supply follow FF-S-200B.

Let's review some of the contents of these specifications.

Scope & Classification


The FF-S-200B federal specification specifies the requirements for headless setscrews with hexagon socket or spline socket heads.



Set screws shall be of the following types, as specified:

  • Type 1: Hexagon socket, headless
  • Type 2: Spline socket, headless


  • Style 1 - Flat point
  • Style 2 - Cone point
  • Style 3 - Oval point
  • Style 4 - Cup point
  • Style 5 - Full-dog point
  • Style 6 - Half-dog point

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