Custom Threaded Screws

The aerospace industry is comprised of a lot of parts, which includes custom threaded screws. Sesco Industries is a nationwide distributor of aerospace parts and is proud to work with many in the industry across the United States. We are one of the few manufacturers in the US of military set screws and can provide full certifications of our custom threaded screws upon request. So if you are interested in custom threaded screws, please reach out to us today.

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When you reach out, we will happily go over your exact specifications and ensure the end product is exactly what you need. Located in College Point, New York, many in the aerospace industry have turned to us for the best and most reliable in custom threaded screws and other aerospace parts. From socket set screws to commercial set screws, let Sesco Industries be your #1 manufacturer and supplier of aerospace screws and fasteners. Whether you need a custom diameter, thread pitch, finish coating, or anything in between we are the manufacturer you can trust!

Benefits of Custom Threaded Screws

As a manufacturer and supplier of custom threaded screws, we understand the importance of having quality parts for fully functioning equipment. Expertly manufactured custom threaded screws can help to ensure that your equipment is not only properly secured, but will be long lasting and prevent rusting and wear and tear. As a trusted manufacturer of aerospace screws, we can customize the threads on the screws to best match your specifications. Here are some common benefits when you turn to Sesco Industries for custom threaded screws.

Fits Your Specifications

As aforementioned, a custom threaded screw from Sesco with fit your exact specifications. You can choose the exact size of screw needed for each individual product. No matter how small or big of a screw is required, our custom manufacturing capabilities can create exactly what you need with the custom size, diameter and thread pitch you need. In a world where exactness is required, Sesco has you covered with the best in customizing aerospace screws.

Avoid Rust & Corrosion

When you have the wrong finish for a screws, corrosion and rusting is common. However, a custom finish coating is perfect for saving money in the long run, while having the screw perform at peak capabilities. When you are able to customize a threaded screw, you also have the ability to customize the finish coating for the screw. Having the right finish will avoid any loosening of the screws, which limits wear and tear of both the screws and the equipment.

Get the Perfect Amount of Torque

When you have the proper threaded screw, it has the added benefit of easy installation by using the correct amount of torque during the assembly. With a threaded screw of the right size, you will not have to use too much torque in order to fasten the equipment. Due to this feature, you will avoid breaking or loosening the parts or equipment during its assembly, as well as during its use. Thus creating a product or machine that lasts longer and performs better.

Create More Strength

When you choose a custom threaded screw, you are ensuring that the equipment is fastened strongly. No matter how large the equipment or machinery is, a custom screw will firmly hold everything in place without bending or breaking. And the right length, diameter, and thread pitch will give you an extra assurance that the equipment will not falter under stress.