The Advantages of Screws

There are some nice advantages one gains when selecting screws as their fastener of choice. In general, screws are one of the most common and basic types of fasteners in the world and can be effectively used for a variety of tasks. They come in different sizes and are constructed from different materials, which makes them a great option for holding together many different types of machinery. Screws present distinct advantages when you compare them to nails. Here are some of the biggest advantages you will see when you select screws.

A Mechanical Edge

When you choose screws, you get a mechanical advantage in the process. Driving in a screw uses less energy when compared to hammering in a nail into the same material. So for those using hand tools, then the project instantaneously easier when screws are used. And the same goes for the use of power tools, which require less force and place less strain on the tool’s motor.

Extra Strength & Long-Lasting Hold

Screws are very strong and are built to last. This is a stark contrast to nails, which may come loose over time. This happens when the materials they connect with begin to expand and shrink over time. Screws are built to resist this problem. Their hold is longer-lasting and stronger. And since screws are so strong, there is less of a worry about the durability and hold. So it gives the material more of a piece of mind when done.

Rust Resistant

Since screws offer a strong and tight bond with their adjoining material, this makes them less susceptible to rusting. The tight hold prevents moisture and contaminant from coming into contact with the screw’s shaft, thus preserving it for a long-lasting hold. So, even if the head of the screw begins to rust, the shaft will remain intact and hold due to this preservation. This advantage makes screws a much better choice than nails for a long-term hold.

Advantages of ScrewsMany Different Sizes & Shapes

There are many different sizes and shapes for screws and they come with varying thread patterns. So you can get one specifically designed for use on wood, drywall, sheet metal, concrete, or more. When you use the proper screw type, it improves the long-term use of a screw.

Screws also utilize different types of heads, which makes them suitable for use with different types of tools. And thus, easier to complete a job, since you have more tools at your disposal to use.

Easy to Remove

When it comes to removal, there is no fastener that is easier than screws. Of course, you can remove nails and staples. However, you likely need a special tool to get them out. With a screw, they back out of their slots with the same tool that drove them in. So you don’t need to go looking for a different tool and can save that time working.

Reuse Screws

Due to the strength and longevity of screws, you can reuse them more when compared to nails. They seldom bend during the removal, so they can be reused for another application. You can also reinsert them into the same hole without sacrificing strength.

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