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Sesco Industries is a leading supplier and manufacturer of a wide range of items, materials and services for the aerospace industry. Our aerospace parts are top of the line and can perform a wide range of functions. We also have the ability to manufacture specialty and custom parts to adhere to any demands and rigors you face in your industry. Manufacturing our own aerospace parts puts us ahead of much of the competition, as it provides us with a familiarity when it comes to any sort of customization.

What Are Aerospace Parts?

The Need For Durable Aerospace Parts

Aerospace parts need to be particularly strong when an object is launched from the ground and into various layers of the earth’s atmosphere, as well as above the atmosphere itself. In the case of satellites, many will stay in orbit for decades. This is where quality hardware really becomes essential. The last thing we want is for a satellite to break apart in orbit.

Our Aerospace Parts Experience

A Leading Aerospace Parts Distributor

Sesco Industries is a leading producer of General Aviation Parts, Original Equipment Manufacture and Exhaust Systems. We produce OEM Engine Mounts for many aviation and aerospace manufacturers. Among our list of products are innovative engine mounts and air-frames. Sesco Industries is responsible for producing landing gear assemblies, float plane fittings and bearings, as well as many other precision machine welded parts.

Our years of experience in markets from aerospace parts, to military parts, to fastener manufacturing, as well as avionics, military defense systems and industrial applications, makes Sesco Industries a reliable, affordable and responsible provider of aerospace parts and all else that may be needed in the aerospace industry.

Our Aerospace Industry Influence

Trusted By Industries Throughout The Country

Companies throughout the world are always competing to get ahead in the aerospace industry, trying to come up with innovative designs and applications. While it is an industry that shoots for the top with its inventive designs, at the core it is special fasteners supplied by companies like Sesco to hold it all together. The United States has been at the forefront of this industry for a while, but countries like as Russia, France, Germany, Japan and China are also building a successful reputation in the aerospace parts industry. This industry has become a global enterprise and we are happy to see it grow and expand to parts all over the world.

Aerospace Parts Manufacturer

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Sesco Industries provides clients across the country with a great selection of aerospace parts. For your convenience, we ship all of our products nationwide. For more information about our aerospace parts or any other quality services, please contact us today. The number to call is 718-939-1900. We will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding our line of parts and products. Request a quote today by getting in touch with us.