Specialty Fastener Manufacturer

Our precision capabilities allow us to produce a wide variety of other precision automatic screw machine products and electronic hardware to exacting specifications. With our improved capabilities, we can now offer complete secondary operations and production of completed sub-assemblies. For screw machine products or other military and aerospace parts, please contact our aerospace division at Fred A. Moehring, Inc.

Commercial specialty fasteners from SESCO are of the highest quality. 

Specialty Fastener Manufacturer

Understanding Fasteners

While we carry mostly specialty fasteners, it is still important to understand the concept behind fasteners in general. As this hardware is specialized, there are several different types for many industries.

Largely, fasteners connect two other items mechanically. Based on this idea alone, you can see why fasteners in the aerospace and military industries need to meet specific standards that require certification. There are important applications that rely on being held together in high pressure environments. People in the relevant industry are depending on the fasteners. The top fasteners are constructed of steel and include stainless, carbon and alloy.

Alloy steel may contain nickel, copper, silicon or aluminum. These are alloying elements that are blended with carbon steel. An increase of strength and resistance to corrosion is a direct result of combining the elements.

Our specialty fasteners are the strongest you will find. And they have to be. Our specialized parts are geared for the toughest environments.

The Aerospace Industry

Before we discuss aerospace parts, let’s first explain where the word originates. As you can probably ascertain, it’s a combination of two words. The “aero” comes from aeronautics and “space” is extracted from spaceflight. Aeronautics is the study and science of flight, which has steadily evolved over the last few hundred years. Our aerospace parts division carries specialty fasteners and other parts geared for an environment that features high speeds and high temperatures while vehicles are in flight.

Manufacturers Working Together

In the history of the aerospace industry, there have been several flight projects that lead to the cooperation of more than one company. The Concorde was a high-speed aircraft built by people in France and Britain. The European Space lab was possible because of the efforts from Germany, Italy, France and others. These are perfect examples of how manufacturers and distributors of parts such as specialty fasteners work together to construct a common goal in the aerospace industry. If you are working on any project related to this industry, SESCO is the place to start.

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SESCO Industries is a leading specialty fastener manufacturer of precision socket set screws and military parts. Please contact us for more information about our specialty fasteners, as well as other products.